Ellsworth County Economic Development
114 1/2 N. Douglas Ave.
PO Box 321
Ellsworth, KS 67439


Diagnose the Situation

What might be the benefit of understanding interpretations of those around you before making your intervention?  

Whose work is it?




Energize Others

Intervene Skillfully

Manage Self

Who are the unusual voices?

How can you identify and work across factions to make progress?

What is the tolerance for raising the heat?  

How might you act experimentally or do something differently?

Have you been triggered and taken out of the game?

What is your comfort zone and how can you expand it?

What can I expect from Leadership Ellsworth County?

How does Leadership Ellsworth County differ from other programs?

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In just over a decade, the Kansas Leadership Center has established itself as a top destination for leadership training, attracting not only thousands of Kansans, but also participants from across the globe.  Leadership Ellsworth County is proud to be a partner with the world-renowned Kansas Leadership Center.  Experience why the training is "life-changing."

"Powerful, provocative, and inspiring.  The work done inside the walls of KLC is truly meaningful and purposeful.  So glad a facility of this caliber is right here in Kansas."

-Nadia Reimer